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Metal tube installation program

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Metal tube installation program

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    Metal tube for small caliber and low velocity medium flow measurement; reliable, low maintenance, long life; do not ask for straight sections; wide flow ratio of 10: 1; two-line large LCD, optional site instantaneous / accumulated flow display, backlit uniaxial sensitive indicator; non-contact magnetic coupling drive. All-metal construction, metal pipe flowmeter is suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive media; can be used for flammable and explosive hazardous locations; optional two-wire, battery, AC power supply; multi-parameter calibration function; with data recovery , data backup and power-down protection. Here I will introduce instrument installation directions for installation fouling fluid, the installation pulsating flow, expand the scope of the installation.

    Metal tube mounting direction: most rotameter must be installed vertically on a vibration-free pipeline, we should not have a significant tilt, bottom-up flow of fluid through the meter. Rotameter between the centerline of the angle between the plumb line and generally not more than 5 degrees, high accuracy (above 1.5) meter θ≤20 °. If θ = 12 ° will produce a 1% additional error. Gauges No strict upstream straight pipe length requirements, but there are also required by the manufacturer (2-5) D length actually not necessity.

    Metal tube fouling fluid for installation: the instrument should be installed upstream of the filter. Metal tube float flowmeter with a magnetic coupling when the magnet may contain impurities fluid should be installed before the meter magnetic filter. To keep the float and tapered tube cleaning, particularly small-caliber instruments, float significantly affect the cleanliness of the measured values.

    Install metal tube pulsating flow: pulsating flow itself, such as the upper reaches of the proposed location have mounted instrument reciprocating pumps or valves, or downstream of a large load changes, etc., should be replaced to remedy or improve the measurement position in the piping system, such as the installation of a buffer tank; if the instrument itself oscillation, such as measuring the gas pressure is too low, the meter upstream valve is not fully open, the control valve is not installed in the meter downstream of other reasons, it should be targeted to improve to overcome, or to change the damping means chosen instrument .

Metal tube to expand the scope of the installation: If the measurement requirements of the flow range of wide range of over 10, you can put two different shape and weight of the float within a single instrument, take frivolous child reading a small flow, float to the top of the float after taking heavy reading, the scope may be expanded to 50-100 degrees.

    Note that if the rumor metal tube float displacement of residual air within extended casing must be drained flow meter for liquids; prone to accumulate if the liquid contains tiny bubbles flowing within the casing, and more should be regularly vented. This is even more important for small caliber instrument, or affect the flow indication obvious.


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