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Installation of glass rotor flowmeter with stress

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Installation of glass rotor flowmeter with stress

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With a transparent glass rotor flowmeter is capable of measuring the instantaneous flow tapered tube closed conduits types of liquids or gases flow directly observe the state of the media type instrument indicators, divided into groups and anti-corrosion type two categories, widely used in chemical, petroleum , light industry, medicine, fertilizer, food, paper, environmental protection and synthetic fibers, scientific research units.

    Glass rotameter system provided for domestic versatility, simple structure, easy maintenance. Segment metering, flexible measuring range, small flow can be measured. Anthropometric diverse materials can be measured corrosive media. The following band regulating valve DN10 caliber, user-friendly. Installation of glass rotor flowmeter with stress, have the following requirements in the installation and use of the process:

1. Before meter installation should play a role in the transport protection topfoil was removed. And check whether the damaged cone pipe, the float can move freely up and down to determine normal before installation.

2. Glass rotor flowmeter installed before use, you should first check the technical parameters such as: measuring range, accuracy rating, the rated working pressure, temperature and other parameters are in line with requirements.

3. The newly installed pipeline should rinse.

4. glass rotor flowmeter minimum scale value is below the vertically mounted on a vibration-free pipes, angle between the center line and the vertical line of the flowmeter should not exceed 5 degrees. Due to heavy large-caliber flowmeter to avoid bending pipes, and other measures can be taken to support reinforcement when necessary.

5. Install the need to avoid when spinner received a large external damage, such as pressure torsion and other forces.

6. When necessary, according to the use of different operating conditions, the rotor flowmeter installed upstream of the filter to prevent impurities tarnished.

7. If there is instability pulsating fluid flow, in order to ensure a good measurement of the rotor flowmeter can be installed buffer to eliminate the pulsating flow.

8. The glass rotor flowmeter, when used, should be slowly unscrew the control valve upstream of the meter pipe, and then use the control valve to regulate the flow, in order to avoid a sudden turn cause damage hit the float has risen sharply tapered tube.

9. To get an accurate measurement accuracy, it is recommended commonly measured fluid flow rate should be above 60% rotameter indexing traffic best.

10. As the glass rotor flowmeter body mostly glass, use and transport would have to be careful.

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